Summer Camp Spotlight: Classroom Antics Combines Fun, Friends, & Tech!

LEGO robotics, Minecraft coding, video production, video game design, computer programming and more

March 21, 2019

As parents, we think of summertime as a time to play, run around outside and just be a kid! However, more and more we understand that stimulating learning is beneficial for kids over the break. And for those of us with kids that love video games, YouTube, computers, Minecraft and all things tech-related, it’s hard to say “no” during the summer to the things they love to do. 

Classroom Antics is the perfect solution to avoiding that “summer slide” and igniting your child’s passion for technology! These summer tech camps combine the fun, play and friends of traditional outdoor camps and the enrichment, skills and structure of traditional educational camps to create a new niche of summer camps. By channeling kids’ interests and passions for tech into a creative learning experience, Classroom Antics is the perfect opportunity for kids to learn from what they love.

Kids ages 7-13 can choose from LEGO robotics, Minecraft coding, video production, video game design, computer programming and stop-motion animation camps, so campers are excited to go to camp every day and learn more. Located in multiple suburbs near you throughout the summer, and with the option for full or half-day camp for the week, Classroom Antics is convenient for parents.

These camps are taught by professional educators from local schools, so they’re equipped with excellent classroom management skills to accelerate learning, motivate interests, and ultimately prepare your child for the future. Each class has a maximum of 12 campers possible, so your child will receive specialized attention from the instructor. The 1:1 student to equipment ration allows for maximized learning for each individual student, while these camps are designed to be collaborative, encouraging kids to provide each other with help, tips and praise. 

Classroom Antics tech camps provide campers with the opportunity to gain lifelong value through different skills and lessons. These camps introduce kids to technologies they may not have experienced before in school, such as coding, robotics, video production and video game design. In each camp, kids learn a new skill set or improve upon one in which they’re already interested. The goal is to instill in kids the love for learning and motivation to follow their passions. Classroom Antics sees the value in kids working together, learning together and creating memories together, so campers are encouraged to offer each other motivation, constructive criticism and help throughout the week. Along with that, each camp offers its own challenges that come with learning, and this ultimately instills in campers problem-solving skills, patience and perseverance.

Traditional summer camps, though popular, are not for every kid anymore, and Classroom Antics can provide that niche camp for those kids who love technology over typical summer activities. As a parent, we can all agree that it is important to recognize your kids’ passions and help them use those interests to their advantage. Classroom Antics tech camps are the perfect opportunity to hone in on your child’s interests and ensure they’ll have a blast while learning what they love to do!

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