Amazing Summer Fun--Cranbrook Schools Summer Camp Review

The Camp that Kids (and Parents) are Sure to Love!

March 21, 2019

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The countdown to summer has begun!  I’m looking forward to sunny days, neighborhood walks, and concert in the park.  My daughter is waiting for only one thing…summer camp at Cranbrook!  We like to fill our summer days with outdoor activities because we know our Michigan summers are only here for a short time, so last year my daughter attended 8 different camps.  At 8 years old, she is already an expert on camp counselors, food, activities, and fun.  She has ranked Cranbrook Schools Day Camps far and above all of the other camps she experienced, and this year she wants all 8 weeks to be at Cranbrook.

My daughter attended Kingswood Day Camp for 2 weeks at Cranbrook last year.  She came home every day excited to tell me all about the fun she had with the activities and friends she met.  The kids swam daily and rotated through various activities like canoeing, archery, tennis, nature, yoga, dance, art, sports, and more.  Some of these she experienced for the first time, and her absolute favorite was drama.  She also loved the attentive camp counselors and diverse friends she met.  Unlike other camps that we’ve seen, the counselors at Cranbrook were all engaged and enthusiastic about working with the children every day.

The ACA (American Camp Association) accredited Cranbrook Schools camps have many amenities that are attractive and helpful for parents too.  The on-site catering provides healthy food options, and they cater to different food allergies and dietary restrictions.  This was the best amenity for me because part of my summer vacation includes 3 months off of packing lunches!  The camp hours are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., but there is great before- and after-care offered from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.  There is also bus service available from stops in Birmingham, Rochester Hills, Royal Oak, Troy, and West Bloomfield.  I really appreciated the great communication before and during camp.  I always felt like my daughter was safe and happy at the Cranbrook Camps.

The traditional and specialty day camps through Cranbrook Schools provide campers with fun and challenging experiences.  The counselors and staff motivate campers to strive for intellectual, creative, and physical excellence, to develop a deep appreciation for the arts and different cultures, and to engage in activities that stimulate creativity, imagination, socialness, and activeness.  For more information about Cranbrook Camps, visit their website